"Putting Guidelines Into Action"

Over 250,000 Patients Tested at 100+ Medical Facilities
Join the growing network of National Heart Health Program providers focused on the early detection of coronary artery disease among asymptomatic, yet "at risk" patients.
There is a widespread knowledge gap that prevents medical providers from making appropriate referrals for the early detection of CAD.

This results in too many patients’ heart disease going undetected. For 50% of patients, the very first symptom of CAD is myocardial infarction or death.

The National Heart Health Program uses a guideline and evidence based approach for referring patients for the detection of asymptomatic CAD and strengthening the Preventive Cardiology, Imaging, and Cardiovascular Services units at our member sites. 

  1. Mark Gordon, CEO Bon Secours Health
    "Associating our facility with the National Heart Health Program has brought amazing benefits to our facility, and more importantly, our patients."
  2. Dr. Matthew Budoff, UCLA Medical Center
    "The program reaches a large population of patients who we don't capture well and need testing as many have significant disease."
  3. Dr. Larry Weathers, Mercy Health
    "Since implementing the Heart Health Program we have grown to 15-20 scores a day. The program works and saves lives in patients that do not have a clue they have life threatening illnesses."
  4. Jack O'Connor, VP Cardiovascular Services, McLeod Health
    "An excellent addition to our cardiovascular division. In today's healthcare environment, early detection and prevention are the keys to success."
  5. Dr. Oscar Aguilar, Tenet Healthcare
    “The National Heart Health Program can change the paradigm of heart disease. We are glad we are working with this program!”
  6. Dr. Norbert Wilke, Univ of Florida School of Medicine
    "The National Heart Health Program is essential for every hospital that wants to save patient lives!!”