Meet The Team

At International Cardiology Consultants our primary goal is helping you to better serve your patients. Our mission is to share our vast experience and expertise to help you develop a world class cardiovascular imaging and heart attack prevention program that is both clinically and economically successful.
  1. Dr. Matthew Janik, MD, FACC
    Cardiologist Wilmington, North Carolina
  2. Dr. Aarush Manchanda, MD, FACC
    Cardiologist Springfield, Massachusetts
  3. Dr. Jeffrey Fine
    President/CEO Cardiovascular Physiologist Columbia, South Carolina
  4. Dr. Vasco Ribeiro, MD
    Cardiologist Gaia, Portugal
  5. Dr. Carter Newton, MD, FACC
    Cardiologist Tucson, Arizona
  6. Dr. Norbert Wilke, MD, FACR
    Radiologist Germany
  7. Dr. Larry Weathers, MD, FACC
    Cardiologist Rogers, Arkansas
  8. Dr. Kevin Schembri, MD
    Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon Malta
  9. AJ Mueller
    Director of Program Development Murphy, North Carolina